Did you make a mistake? Who Paid?

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This week I have been concentrating on what happens to us when we make a mistake.
Remember the last mistake you claimed.  What do you do when you make a mistake?  Do you claim it or do you usually see someone else at fault? Do you immediately justify it and defend your actions? Do you avoid acknowledging it and quickly distract yourself and others from the result? Do you try to mask it and make sure that no one finds out? Do you blame yourself and be punitive in your head toward yourself? Do you make it about others and how they made you make those decisions?
Mistakes are the decisions and actions that we do which at the time of acting upon a declared decision with the information that was at hand or presented to us was the right decision and action. However, when the result is not as we desired, then we call it a mistake.  Some mistakes only effect you. You are the one who has to pay the price.  Some mistakes also effect others, that means that they also have to pay an emotional, cognitive, monetary, or time as the price with or for you.
Many people are not aware of the price they create for others around them when they make a mistake and when confronted with it by others, get very defensive and upset about why others are rubbing it in their face.  Not realizing that other people actually get more upset when they have to pay for someone else’s mistake.
So, When you make a mistake,  CLAIM it.  Acknowledging that you are responsible for the result that you created.  Yes, you made your choice of action based on the presented information at the time and did not have, nor seek for more or broader information. Therefore, you have the result that you have.
Let’s learn from it and move on.  Not so fast!
See who else your mistake effected.  You also need to clean it up with them. Acknowledging that you are aware that they have to also pay a price for your action will truly be appreciated.  Ask for forgiveness from yourself and others.  See if you can do anything to repay or ease the pain you have caused for others. See how you can clean up what has gotten created for yourself.
Now, Let’s learn and move on.  You mostly learn from what you call mistakes.  If you created all the results you wanted the first time you attempted at it, then you are not extending yourself to new realms in life, since life does not come with an instruction manual.
Let’s play and learn – Let’s fall, get up, wipe yourself and jump again – Let’s Live Life to the fullest.

About Dr.FoojanZeine

Dr. Foojan Zeine is an International Speaker, Psychotherapist, Life Coach, and the Author of Life Reset – The Awareness Path to Create the life You Want. She has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, and is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She practices in Beverly Hills, Irvine & Woodland Hills, California offices and online via audio/chat or video. Her expertise is in Intimate Relations and Addictive Behaviors. She has extensive experience treating Depression, Anxiety, Traumas, and Domestic Violence. Foojan is the originator and the author for “Awareness Integration” psychotherapeutic model, which is a multi-modality approach and intervention toward minimizing Depression, Anxiety while improving Self Esteem and Self Confidence. This Method has been published with multiple research. Foojan hosts the “Inner Voice” show in the KMET1490AM/ ABC Radio. She is a guest speaker in many universities including Harvard, MIT, UCLA, USC. She has been a guest in the Dr. Phil show in CBS, Fox, Voice of America Television Programs; KPFK 90.7, KIRN 670AM. www.Foojan.com
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