Focus on what YOU can do

This past week has triggered an extreme feeling of sadness. Every day is the news of innocent people killed in Iran for standing for their rights, in Russia for taking a stand against brutality, in Ukraine for no apparent reason rather than someone decided to, and in Florida and Puerto Rico due to natural disasters. 

My feeling shifts to hope, watching the power of courageous people take a stand for a cause despite fear. 

I witness one group’s rage leading to aggression and destruction, while in another group, the feeling of anger leads to assertiveness, taking a stand against injustice and for human rights. The power of anger, when put to the right action, can move mountains and create substantial change toward a movement for the benefit of all humanity. 

Love is the most significant essence of support. There is a joy in seeing the beauty and the outpour of love from People across the world in sentences, reels, songs, posts, dances, demonstrations, gatherings, concerts, marches, walks, vigils, and more. Knowing that we are not alone; we are heard, seen, loved, and cared for motivates us to continue our mission toward growth.  

I came across this quote: “It could be the most significant turning point in our evolution because it meant we could move from a ‘you-or-me world’ – a world where either you or I make it, and where we need to compete and fight to see who wins – to a ‘you- and-me world,’ where all of us can make it.” Buckminster Fuller.

The world aims to create technology to promote comfort and the medical industry to prolong our life and improve our health. Yet, according to the latest Gallop Poll, the world is 30% unhappier. Our mental health is in danger; more than ever, I see children as young as ten years old medicated for extreme anxiety and aggression. Rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide are also rising. 

We need a different approach toward dealing with ourselves and our fellow human beings: a kinder, gentler, and more inclusive approach to our relationships with one another—a form of relatedness that makes us grow together in harmony.  

The process begins with observing how we think, feel, and act toward ourselves and others in our surroundings. How much rage, anger, and hate do we spread in conversations, actions, and posts? How much love, caring, and empathy do I share with my world? Each individual can start with themself since that is where they can control. 

Awareness Integration psychological and educational theory and intervention have made this process a structured practice that can support you become aware of your Happiness vs. depression disposition, dualities, and how you operate daily. This model helps you complete the past and create an intentional future by being deliberate today. To experience this model, get my book Life Reset – The Awareness Integration Path to the Life You Want. 

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E270- InnerVoice – Heartfelt Chat with Dr. Foojan Zeine and Ana Gabriel Mann about Go-Giver Marriage

E270 – Inner Voice – a Heartfelt Chat with Dr. Foojan. In this episode, Dr. Foojan Chats with ANA GABRIEL MANN, a psychotherapist working with adults and families. She also is a dance movement therapist. In addition to her work in family therapy and 5 Secrets marriage coaching, she has been clinical director of a support program for people with Alzheimer’s disease, co-founded New England’s first college of Chinese medicine, and worked as a corporate consultant, speaker, trainer, and business coach. She is the creator and lead facilitator of the Go-Giver Marriage Coaches training program. She has co-authored their latest book with her husband, John David Mann, a New York Times and national bestsellers author. She has won the 2017 living Now Book Awarded Evergreen Medal for its “contributions to positive global change.” We will discuss their latest book – The Go-Giver Marriage – the Little Story About the 5 Secrets to Lasting Love. 

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Dealing with Sad Situation

There are circumstances in life that sadden us and bring tears into our eyes. I was reading the article Pursuing Happiness: The Architecture of Sustainable Change by Sonja Lyubomirsky and Kennon Sheldon, which talked about what determines Happiness. The authors share that 50% of our Happiness is our Genetics that determines are set point. 10% is Circumstances, and 40% is Intentional Activity. This past week I have experienced how circumstances surrounding us can devastate us. I work with clients that have been brutally abused. As I sit with them, I am reminded of human brutality. I watch the world news and see that a 22-year-old Iranian woman was killed due to not meeting the appropriate standard of covering herself, leading to massive demonstrations and more killings. I read the news about the war between Russia and Ukraine. Tears roll down, witnessing what human beings can do to each other. Yet, I also am present and mostly astonished about the resiliency of human beings.

I was present to how I have been handling these matters in my life today and the difference with how I would have taken it in prior years. As I hear the news, or I am with a client that is going through recalling trauma, I feel empathy toward their pain; at times, I feel their pain and for sure share their pain. In the past, since my disposition was depression, any news about inhumanity would take me into a deep spiral of rage, sadness, and not wanting to live in this world.

Psychotherapy helps a person through Intentional Activity – intentional envisioning, thinking, feeling, and behaving – to handle the circumstances with more flow. My experiences with committing to new thinking, feeling, and behavioral structures for an extended time eventually change the set point.

Today I experience being an empathic human being who does not get stuck in helplessness and negative belief systems since I have opened the lens to acknowledge my strength, resilience, and power and see others’ strengths. Today with strength, I do what is in my ability to heal the traumatized and support taking a stance for human rights and treating each other humanely.

Awareness Integration psychological and educational theory and intervention have made this process a structured practice that can support you become aware of your Happiness vs. depression disposition, dualities, and how you operate daily. This model helps you complete the past and create an intentional future by being deliberate today—more information:

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E269- Inner Voice – A Heartfelt Chat with Dr. Foojan Zeine and Minda Zetlin about self care in life.

E269 – Inner Voice – a Heartfelt Chat with Dr. Foojan. In this episode, Dr. Foojan Chats with MINDA ZETLIN is the author of Career Self-Care and writes the highly popular “Laid-Back Leader” column for Her articles and workshops offer research-backed advice to help ambitious people get the most out of their careers and their lives. Additionally, she is the author or coauthor of several books, most recently The Geek Gap. A former president of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA), she lives in Snohomish, Washington. More information at We talked about what self-care means and how to develop it in your everyday life. Check out my website: Remember to Subscribe, Listen, Review, and Share! Find me on these sites: *iTunes (…) *Google Play (…) *Stitcher (…) *YouTube ( ) Platforms to Like and Follow: *Facebook ( *Instagram (…) *Twitter ( *LinkedIn (…)

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E268 – InnerVoice – A Heartfelt Chat with Dr. Foojan Zeine & Dr. Walt Karniski about ADHD

E268 – Inner Voice – a Heartfelt Chat with Dr. Foojan. In this episode, Dr. Foojan Chats with Walt Karniski, MD a developmental pediatrician, trained at Boston Children’s Hospital. He was director of the Division of Developmental Pediatrics at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida, for fifteen years. He then opened a private practice and for twenty years, evaluated and treated children with ADHD, autism, anxiety, learning disabilities, and other developmental difficulties. During that time, he developed and operated three private schools for children with ADHD, anxiety, and learning disabilities. Over the forty years, he has been practicing, he has evaluated and treated close to ten thousand children, conducted numerous studies of brain activity in children, and has been director of a child abuse program and a program for enhancing development in children born prematurely. Dr. Karniski approaches each child as a unique individual, with distinctive strengths and weaknesses, where the diagnosis does not matter as much as understanding the specific needs of that child. His new book is ADHD Medication: Does It Work and Is It Safe? (Roman & Littlefield, May 15, 2022). Learn more at: Check out my website: Remember to Subscribe, Listen, Review, Share! Find me on these sites: *iTunes (…) *Google Play (…) *Stitcher (…) *YouTube ( ) Platforms to Like and Follow: *Facebook ( *Instagram (…) *Twitter ( *LinkedIn (…)

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I feel blessed that I have reached an age and a time in my life only to do what I love to do.

Since I love learning, I returned to school and registered for the Harvard Graduate Extension Certificate program for Behavioral Health. I will share what I learn from the class on happiness with all of you. You can join me for the next couple of years on this journey.

Taking from a discussion about the examined life by Robert Nozik, happiness can be an emotion that includes pleasure, joy, contentment, and more, experienced in short instances or about some achievement. Happiness can be a mood, a state of being, or a general disposition that directs attention toward positive or negative facts. One can resist dwelling on specific points when they come to their attention.

A happy disposition will look at what shows up in life from a positive slant and produce feelings of contentment, peace, gratitude, excitement, and empathy.

Happiness can be an instant, objective level, such as enjoying sipping on a favorite coffee, watching a sunset with a loved one, eating gelato, listening to Mozart, or dancing like no one is watching. It can also be experienced as a meta-level, as one examines the entirety of one’s lifetime with virtue and declare it happy.

The consensus among most philosophers and psychologists is that long-lasting, more meaningful, in-depth intellectual satisfaction and upholding virtues, in combination with the here-and-now momentary experience of happiness, is the key. One can be happy reaching a goal, such as getting a degree, getting married, having a child, or buying their dream home. Life can also be evaluated as a good enough life creating satisfaction with the whole life.

We need to relate to each other in our evaluation and experience of happiness. Personal happiness that is not being shared as reality by others does not last or will even at times be viewed as non-reality-based happiness. If only one person is happy in marriage and the other miserable, it will not last long before the marriage crashes. The addict that thinks happiness is the feeling of the dopamine surge that is felt in the brain while he is fired from work and kicked out of his home can’t rely on that feeling for too long.

Robert Nozick’s ending conclusion, “What we want, in short, is a life and a self that happiness is a fitting response to – and then to give it that response,” is epic.

So, let’s talk about you.

What makes you happy in life?
Do you prefer bursts of happiness or a long-lasting even-out spectrum?
Do you enjoy the anticipation of a happy future as significant as achieving it, or do you not allow yourself to enjoy the journey?
Do you prefer to be in a virtual reality machine and feed yourself happy scenery, or would you choose to be in real life, experiencing and sharing with the world?
How do you make others happy?
How do you share your happiness?

I am sharing mine with you in this way.

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E267- A Heartfelt Chat with Dr. Foojan Zeine and Dr. Ronald Alexander about Core Creativity.

E267- A Heartfelt Chat with Dr. Foojan Zeine and Dr. Ronald Alexander about Core Creativity.

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It’s Finally Here

Last week I started a new position as a lecturer at the California State University Long Beach, teaching Mental Health and Community Wellbeing course.

I am excited to teach the Awareness Integration Theory to my students and have them practice it in their life. This is the first university course on this model. A couple of years ago, we had research done with four classes at the same university and had astonishing results of a 68% decrease in depression and % a 21 decrease in anxiety symptoms.

I have not worked in institutions for over 25 years. I have created many companies but have not worked for an institution for a while. I have taught graduates and professionals about the model for many years, but not undergraduates. So I am excited and anxious about new collaborations and experiences.

Taking this model into colleges and universities has been a dream of mine, and it has finally manifested. I wish for this model to be part of the GE courses that all students in college and universities must take to Learn skills.

The feeling of achieving something I wished for is exhilarating and humbling. Many thanks to Dr. Kamiar Alaie, Dr. Nicole Jafari, and Dr. Mo Forouzesh.

Have you ever dreamed about some outcome without knowing how to get there? Suddenly, as you share it with someone, they get interested and suddenly help it manifest. I learned through these years to share my wishes—people who think similarly and have joint mission visions come together and move mountains. I used to think I had to figure it out by myself and be crisp and clear before I could talk about it. Many ideas would remain in my head, and I watched others manifest similar results. Now I share and, with the collaboration of others, manifest. Now, our dreams, results, and manifestations benefit our joint visions.

What dreams have you kept to yourself because you thought it was too big to handle? You thought you were not good enough to have it, did not deserve it, or did not know the steps, so you left it.

Well, I assert that it is time to take yourself seriously. Let’s get clear on your vision first. Tangibly write your idea. Then begin talking to people in that field that could support you and take your project to the next level. The level that you are not familiar with and they are an expert. Find people who can collaborate because you can create a more significant game together.

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E266-Inner Voice- Dr. Foojan Zeine chats with Dr. Behnam Bakhshandeh about High-Performance Coaching

E266 – Inner Voice – a Heartfelt Chat with Dr. Foojan. In this episode, Dr. Foojan Chats with Dr. Behnam Bakhshandeh is an accomplished business manager and a personal and professional development expert with nearly three decades of field experience working with individuals, teams, and organizations. Dr. Bakhshandeh is widely known as a dynamic writer, speaker, OD and HRD practitioner, trainer, and executive coach. He has authored and published four books in the personal and professional development industry. Besides these books, he has designed and facilitated 17 coaching modules for individuals, couples, the public, teams, and organizations, 9 audio/video workshops, 16 articles on personal & professional development topics, and 21 seminars and workshops. Today we will be talking about his latest book High-Performance Coaching for Managers – A step-by-step Approach to increase employee performance and productivity. Check out my website:

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E265- Inner Voice – a Heartfelt Chat with Dr. Foojan with Dr. Nicole Jafari & Dr. Eileen Manoukian about Intentional Parenting

E265 – Inner Voice – a Heartfelt Chat with Dr. Foojan. In this episode, Dr. Foojan Chats with Dr. Nicole Jafari and Dr. Eileen Manoukian about their latest book – Intentional Parenting – The Practical Guide to the Awareness Integration Theory. Nicole Jafari, Ed.D. is a faculty member at California State University, teaching developmental psychology courses expanding the prenatal to life span. Her research interest is in cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary emphasis encompassing life span developmental challenges, parenting strategies, and the association between scientific and spiritual growth. She has published and co-authored several academic textbooks and instructional manuals, which have been translated into the Farsi language. She is also a consultant, a coach, and an international speaker. She is the founder and President of the Cross-Cultural Research and Educational Institute (, a non-profit organization focusing on educational advocacy projects and global research. Eileen Manoukian, MBA, Ed.D., is an international parenting coach, an early childhood educator, and the founder/director of Gem Educare, a childcare establishment/preschool in Los Angeles, California. She found her calling in life while she volunteered as a teacher and caregiver in a facility for low-income, homeless, or orphaned children in South Africa. After realizing her calling, she began researching and observing early childhood programs and teaching methods during her travels around the world. She has a doctoral degree specializing in early childhood education. She is a member of MENSA and NAEYC. She values diverse educational programs due to having lived and worked in five countries and speaking five languages as she engaged with the community. Her research interests include the importance of emotional intelligence in young children, social-emotional learning (SEL) skills in young children, and how early childhood educators support children’s school readiness skills. Check out my website:

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