Handling Anticipation

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his week has been a week of anticipation for most of us. So, I began exploring how we handle the feeling of anticipation. 

Anticipation is a feeling of excitement, longing, yearning, or waiting eagerly for something you know that is going to happen.  If we project that the expected event is positive, then the excitement will ride with pleasure.  If our projection is for a dangerous or a negative event, then a feeling of anxiety and fear is experienced.  
Anxiety is actually anticipation for some negative event to happen, we project the worst-case scenario to the future, resist it happening, and then scare ourselves with all the negative consequences that might happen. 

I have worked with people who have anticipation for their exams, board exams, speaking in front of others, wedding, a great party, a present for their birthday or Christmas, or any positive event that is coming up which they are eager to make it perfect and shine.

I also have worked with others who have anticipated their abuser to open the door to come in and harm them sexually or physically, for a loved one in their last stage of life to pass on, Judge’s verdict on their crime or any event that they know will create pain for them, parents to find out about what they have done and punish them, or getting fired or laid off. 

I remember working with a client who was quitting smoking and through hypnosis, she released all the anticipation she had felt every afternoon hearing the guy who molested her walking up the stairs to her room.  She realized that she picked up a cigarette every time she felt anticipation to soothe herself. As she healed that trauma, she was also able to let go of smoking easier. 

How can we handle anticipation?

1. Identify the feeling of anticipation and assess if it is toward a positive event or a negative one.

2. If positive, then begin visualizing yourself in the midst of experiencing the positivity and begin your enjoyment, or you may distract yourself with another event or action until the time arrives for the positive event that you were waiting for.

3. if negative, then begin visualizing what might go wrong and then how you will handle it or survive it based on your skills and strength.  

4. Do a reality check to minimize your fear and tone down your imagination to what actually could happen, versus all negative possibilities that are imaginable, however, unlikely to occur. 

5. If anticipating an abuse, plan for your safety, get support, or leaving the premise so that you can find solutions and become empowered to move to a safer environment. 6. If you have been traumatized by events which now the anticipation of similar events are ingrained in your psyche, please get help to heal your trauma.

You can go to my book “Life Reset – The Awareness Integration Path to Living the Life You Want to receive guidance through easy steps in how to handle anticipation in all areas of your life.

May you enjoy the excitement of the greatness of life and be powerful in the face of all that life brings.


About Dr.FoojanZeine

Dr. Foojan Zeine is an International Speaker, Psychotherapist, Life Coach, and the Author of Life Reset – The Awareness Path to Create the Life You Want. She has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She practices in Beverly Hills & San Clemente, California offices, and online. Her expertise is in Intimate Relations and Addictive Behaviors. She has extensive experience treating Depression, Anxiety, Traumas, and Domestic Violence. Foojan is the originator and the author for “Awareness Integration” psychotherapeutic model, which is a multi-modality approach and intervention toward minimizing Depression, Anxiety while improving Self Esteem and Self Confidence. This Method has been published with multiple research. Foojan hosts the “Inner Voice” show in the KMET1490AM/ ABC Radio. She is a guest speaker in many universities including Harvard, MIT, UCLA, USC. She has been a guest in the Dr. Phil show in CBS, Fox, Voice of America Television Programs; KPFK 90.7, KIRN 670AM. www.Foojan.com
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